Stop. Breathe. Tune in. Turn down the noise. Be here. 


We provide insight and strategy to create conscious companies and support visionary leaders


Our mission is to support the emergence of regenerative culture in the world by inspiring new ways of thinking about old problems. We help organizations and leaders clarify their vision, identify their true purpose and make choices that take all stakeholders into consideration. 


The biggest threat now to any business or cause is whatever it is currently ignoring.


We help navigate purpose to practice by inspiring new ways of thinking about old problems.


Our Practice: If the last paradigm was about WHY we do what we do (The Purpose Economy), the next is about HOW we do it (The Practice Economy). We can no longer claim to have values we don’t practice in earnest. And we can no longer champion the triple bottom line and CSR while operating unconsciously in a broken system.

Our Partners:

Build the bridge. Connect. Play. Grow. Evolve. For Real. 


At the forefront of consciousness, culture, and commerce, Sightful is a visionary partner.


We work with...

- Companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Four Seasons, Citibank and others, to reignite their brands and shift internal culture

- Non-profits such as Knight Foundation, Nathan Cummings Foundation, People’s Action, and Equal Rights Advocates who need top quality insight to make significant change happen  

- Municipalities such as the city of Miami in their quest to communicate sea level rise in their community

- Movements such as Conscious Capitalism and CTZNWELL and the rise of the feminine; building coalitions and support for the emergence of new ideas

- Leaders and Entrepreneurs looking to build the next era of commerce and businesses that will truly support the emergence of regenerative culture



"Working with Sightful was a refreshing experience that brought powerful insight and new familiarity with the audience we are trying to reach. Their unique capabilities and approach can be a great asset when applied to any number of challenges.  "



“Sightful is my crystal ball. The’ve helped me uncover motivations, define targets, answer questions and determine what I don’t know and need to. In short, they’ve been a huge help to us at Microsoft on Windows Phone and Windows.”