Schuyler Brown

Strategy Director and Founding Partner

Schuyler Brown is a futurist, facilitator, and communications consultant dedicated to the emergence of truly regenerative commerce on the planet. Her early career was spent learning the ropes at some of the best branding and advertising agencies in the world including Landor Associates and Havas Worldwide. Around 2006, seeing the writing on the wall regarding the climate crisis and need for widespread systemic change, she went independent and began using her skills to solve complex social problems. She has become a pioneer in the world of conscious commerce and social innovation; and has worked with leading global brands such as Facebook, Microsoft, Levi’s, and the Ford Foundation on innovation, communications, and organizational transformation. She was named one of Origin Magazine's 100 Top Creatives; and has taught social innovation at The School of Visual Arts. As a dedicated yogi, dancer, and student of Vedanta and Sanskrit, her work infuses contemporary business practices with mystical and feminine wisdom. 

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